Membership at The Cliffs

The seven astounding communities that make up The Cliffs provide residents with the opportunity to experience North and South Carolina in regal luxury. The Cliffs Valley, The Cliffs at Lake Keowee, The Cliffs at Walnut Cove, The Cliffs at Mountain Park, The Cliffs at Glassy, The Cliffs at Keowee Vineyards, and The Cliffs at Keowee Falls are individually stunning communities each with their own unique style. Collectively, they provide Members with world-class amenities accessible in every neighborhood. Membership at The Cliffs means no matter which community you visit, you are home.

Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties is your destination for stunning properties within The Cliffs communities. We have invested our time, energy, and focus into buyers and sellers for years and our second to none commitment to those we serve it what sets us above others. We want you to experience the life you have always dreamed of and Cliffs living is a wonderful place to start.

Those who purchase a developer’s property within one of the seven communities of the Cliffs are given the opportunity to become Members of The Cliffs and with four tiers of Memberships available there is something for everyone. What does this entail you may be wondering? Exclusive amenities, access to all seven of The Cliffs premiere golf courses and accompanying clubs, beach and marine clubs, admittance to all of The Cliff’s wellness facilities, and so much more. Residing in one of the communities is divine but membership allows residents the opportunity to experience every distinct community no matter where and no matter when.

Glorious golfing, delectable dining experiences, miles and miles of pristine trails that take you through some of the most incredible scenery anywhere are all at your fingertips with a Membership. This can be yours once you move into a Cliff’s community and choose to become a member.

Membership can be passed down to future generations so you know your investment is worth its weight in gold. Four levels of membership are available for homeowners within the Cliffs. Those who have Golf Memberships may play at any of the seven designer courses The Cliffs has to offer. Sports Memberships allow you to play at any of the outdoor areas, work up a sweat at any wellness center, dine like a star, and play golf at any course for a small fee. For those interested in staying active but don’t care much for golfing, the Wellness Membership may be best for you. With this, you can work out at any wellness center. The last level of Membership is the Social Membership and allows you to participate in any social events, dine at any club, and enjoy outdoor areas as well.

There is no shortage of activities to suit any lifestyle at The Cliffs and Membership is just one of the ways to stay involved.