Resolution Wellness at The Cliffs

The New Year is always a time to reflect back on the previous year and consider what changes you would like to make. For many, this involves evaluating their health and fitness and opting to incorporate a healthier lifestyle for the year ahead. Look anywhere and you will find list upon list of ways to get fit and stay that way. One of the overarching trends in achieving this goal is to make a list of priorities and get to work accomplishing them. This could mean resolving to make healthier food choices and incorporating cardiovascular and muscular workouts.

No matter your goals for this year, residents of The Cliffs communities have access to wellness centers and community activities that will help achieve those goals. Each Cliffs community has its own flavor but they all have one thing in common: a commitment to health and wellness. As a resident at one of the seven communities, you have access to cardio equipment, strength training options, and plethora of aerobic and spinning classes. Several communities also have indoor and outdoor pools to keep you in top form throughout the year.

Sometimes you need a little extra accountability and the certified personal trainers who work exclusively for The Cliffs Wellness Centers are available to assist you in creating a personal workout program designed with your specific needs in mind. These trainers, many of which are GIFT Certified, bring a wealth of knowledge and an impressive 40-week training base in Applied Functional Science, FAS, from the distinguished Gray Institute. These trainers and professionals endure countless hours of training and bring their knowledge and expertise to residents of The Cliffs.

A huge draw to the communities of The Cliffs is the world-renowned golf courses. Golf is a great way to blow off some steam and get or stay in shape. Avid golfers who want more out of their game can train with South Carolina’s ONLY certified Nike Golf Performance Specialists. These NG360 certified coaches assess your game and provide you with sport’s specific movements designed to decrease injury and increase performance. South Carolina only has 4 of these certified coaches and they are all employed at The Cliffs.

Cliffs residents also have the opportunity to explore nature trails, play tennis on meticulously planned out courts, hike, horseback ride, enjoy water sports, and much more. Does this sound inviting? If so, contact Justin Winter & Associates | Forbes Global Properties today and speak with one of our expert Realtors. We know Cliffs living inside and out and our commitment to our clients is second to none. Welcome to 2016! We hope that this year all your resolutions come to pass.