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Vintage Market Days® in Asheville!

Ever heard of Vintage Market Days®? If not, get ready to be introduced in Asheville for the Spring event! Vintage Market Days®, holds a three-day market at various times all over the country but will be in Asheville March 16th through 18th. These multi-day markets feature vintage-inspired items for indoor and outdoor. Looking for unique… Read more »

Bolt Farm Treehouse in Walhalla, SC

Looking for accommodations that are slightly varying from the everyday? Looking for luxury but in the beauty of nature? Then consider a stay at the Bolt Farm Treehouse of Walhalla, South Carolina. Located on forty acres of forest and farmland, this structure was designed to be an entrancing getaway that allows you to be inspired… Read more »

February: An Important Month in the History of the American Revolution

When one thinks of the American Revolution, February is not the month most often to come to mind. Yes, July 4th is celebrated as our nation’s day of Independence but two-hundred and forty-two years ago this month, one of the most important battles was fought in North Carolina. Yes, in North Carolina, well below the… Read more »

Native Americans of Pickens and Oconee Counties

No one can doubt the influence of the Native Americans as you explore the area surrounding Lake Keowee and Lake Jocassee. Both lake names are Cherokee in origin! Pickens and Oconee counties’ history is full of the brave Cherokee Indians.  Historians believe that over 4,000 years ago the ancestors of the Cherokee migrated away from… Read more »

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