Rush Hour

Trip and Judy Agerton had successful careers in Atlanta, but neither enjoyed the bumper-to-bumper drive home. “Now we take a cruise on the lake many evenings,” Trip said. “We drop anchor, uncork a bottle of wine, and watch the sun setting behind the mountains. We named the boat ‘Our Rush Hour’.”
The Agertons searched all over for their perfect retirement destination – until friends invited them to The Cliffs at Keowee Falls community in upstate South Carolina. “We immediately fell in love with the area,” Trip said. “The logistics are perfect for us, just two hours from family and friends in Atlanta and an hour to shopping and cultural events in Greenville.”
“The natural environment here is so rich and unspoiled, like the clear blue-green water of Lake Keowee,” Judy added. “And we love to hike, so the 123 waterfall trails in this area are a real bonus.”
After relocating to Keowee Falls in 2011, the Agertons also found an active social environment. “There are regular covered-dish suppers in our neighborhood,” Trip said, “and we host an annual Memorial Day party. And, of course, there’s our famous ‘Friday at the Falls’ happy hour in the clubhouse.” He also joined the men’s golf league, which plays on Keowee Falls’ Jack Nicklaus Signature course and two other nearby Cliffs courses.
But it’s not all fun and games for the Agertons, especially Judy. “My passion is education and non-profit work,” she said, “and I wondered whether there would be many volunteer activities here. Well, I quickly got involved with our Cliffs Residents Outreach program – I’m vice-chair this year – and we support the local schools. I started a girls’ mentoring program at the middle and high schools and work at the non-profit thrift store. The volunteer opportunities have been terrific.”
Trip’s also found a new avocation, helping to familiarize prospective residents with the area and assisting their relocation. “When you retire,” he said, “you think you’re going to just relax but then you re-deploy your energy in unanticipated ways. And that’s been the real blessing we’ve found here.”